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The Magical Talisman of Saturn
created by the ancient Magi holy men
Individually crafted in solid sterling silver
Only $53.95
Order today and you will receive a FREE sterling silver fill chain
valued at $22.00. The size of this talisman is 25 mm across.
  Approximately the same size as a US 25c cent coin
Benefits & Blessings associated with the ownership of the Magical Talisman of Saturn. The wearing or carrying of the Magical Talisman of Saturn helps to attract and concentrate Saturn's spiritual energy and surround the talismans owner with its positive and highly beneficial essence.

The wearing or carrying of this powerful ancient planetary talisman is known to bless its owners with the following benefits & blessings:- unique & unusual opportunities for financial advancement the blessing of a long, well-balanced & happy life; greatly enhanced powers of concentration and the ability to easily absorb and remember everything that you encounter or study; the ability to safely travel in the astral world

One of the most unique properties of this ancient talisman is its ability to help create a bridge between the physical & the astral plains. Anyone studying or wishing to practise astral travel will find this talisman invaluable. Any person planning to practise the art of astral travel should first ensure that they are wearing the Magical Talisman of Saturn as it assures its wearer easy access to the astral world and offers total protection whilst on the astral plain and also guarantees its owner a safe return to the physical plain.

This very special planetary talisman contains within its spiritual invocation three of the most highly potent & successful magical formulae.
The Holy Square of Saturn
Ancient Cabbala
The ancient Magi holy men referred to the square inscribed onto the talisman as the holy square of Saturn and it is recognised in  histrionic records as the oldest of all the ancient Qabalah holy squares. In fact, it is on record as having been in use among the ancient Sumerian holy men known as the Magi around 2,500 BC and has even been discovered on very ancient temples in both China & India.

Written in the ancient and sacred Cabbalistic language, the holy square of Saturn contains the numbers 1 to 9. Each vertical, horizontal and diagonal column adds up to the holy number 15. This powerful spiritual number is the mathematical equivalent of the shortest form of the sacred Tetragammation.   When 1+5 are added together it give Saturn's place in the heavens as the 6th planet from the Sun.

The Tetragammation is considered the most sacred and holy cosmic mathematical formula as it expresses the divine name numerically and contains all the holy & secret names of the creator within its powerful invocation. The square of Saturn continually calls on the holy & secret names of the creator to bless & protect the talismans owner. It is recorded that its past owners  enjoyed a life of good fortune and true happiness under the guiding hand of Faith.
Magic Third Eye - This powerful spiritual eye symbol reflects negative influences away from the talismans owner and helps to greatly enhance its owners natural intuition so they will easily overcome whatever life sends their way.
Pronounced -  He  Vau  He  Yod  {this reads from right to left} These inscribed sacred words of power use all the holy names of the creator to empower the talisman. The written Tetragammation are the divine keys that help bless the talismans owner and bring them under the spiritual and highly protective embrace of the creator and his angels.
Where did the ancient Magical Talisman of Saturn originate?

According to our research it was around 2500 BC in the city of Ur in southern Mesopotamia that the ancient Astrologer Holy Men know to history as the Magi first discovered the secrets of the Magical Talisman of Saturn while researching the cosmic benefits of planetary magic. The astral bodies have long been known to assert beneficial spiritual powers. The spiritual power of Saturn in particular was considered by the Magi to be highly beneficial in the creation of real happiness and the advancement of humankind.

By nature we are surrounded at all time by the spiritual power of the heavenly planets. However, the Magi discovered that by the power of holy words they could concentrate an infusion of Saturn's spiritual energy in an   object/talisman. Through this special talisman the spiritual energy of Saturn is diverted to the world of physical matter where it will effect numerous beneficial changes in the life of the talismans owner.

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