Our Very Special Gold Edition Solid Gold Talisman of the Seven Archangels

Individually Crafted in Solid 9 Carat Gold. The size of this talisman is 5/8 inch across.

Only $265

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In celebration of the Seven Archangels of Light we would like to offer our valued clients the opportunity to obtain Raphael's famous talisman of the seven Archangels as a special limited edition, hand crafted in the finest solid 9 Carat Gold.

The sole aim and duty of the Angelic beings of light known as the Seven Archangels is to offer help, friendship, comfort, guidance, security and protection year in and year out to any person who may request it. The most successful way of requesting and receiving Angelic help is simply to wear or carry the Angels very own angelic talisman. Do this and you will receive a lifetime of Angelic support, help and protection.

Our Adept only empowers a maximum of seven miraculous special edition solid gold Seven Angel talismans under each month's Full Moon, making a limited edition total of only 84 per crafted per calendar year.

This exceptionally beautiful handcrafted talisman is created and empowered to attract a lifetime of Angelic good-fortune, help and Angelic blessings into the life of its owner. At this very moment in time you have the opportunity to become one of the privileged few to possess this special edition solid gold talisman. The possession of this miraculous item is intended to help open Angelic doors to good fortune and true happiness. Under Cosmic law all seven Archangels must befriend the owner of this, their very own Angelic talisman and shower them with all their Angelic Gifts, Blessings, Guidance and Angelic Good-fortune.

This very special solid gold talisman is of exceptional quality and comes in a deluxe presentation box with a FREE solid 9 Carat gold chain, making it a thoughtful and impressive gift for friends and loved ones.

The world price of gold is now starting up rise once again. We have been warned by our precious metal supplier to expect gold to increase soon by as much as 15% to 25%. For this reason we expect to be forced to increase the price of our special edition solid gold talisman of the Seven Archangels shortly. You are advised to place any new order ASAP to avoid our next price increase.

The Angelic power of this exceptionally beautiful holy talisman is contained within its sacred Angelic script. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the metal it is crafted in. It will attract exactly the same amount of Angelic blessings as those crafted in silver.

Individual results may vary. All Circle of Raphael talismans are traditionally crafted and empowered by our own Master Adept. Engraved into the silver metal of each talisman is a unique holy Angelic prayer requesting that the Angels named on the talisman will bless and befriend the talisman's owner. Our master Adept is extremely knowledgeable in the ancient art of creating holy talismans to request Angelic blessings and gifts. However, he has no control over the amount of blessings that the Angels named on the talisman may choose to bestow on individual owners of a particular talisman. Results may vary. Some customers tell us they believe they received exactly the blessings associated with their talisman. Others say the blessings were less than they expected, while others say they received greater blessings than expected. It is for this every reason that we offer a Cast-iron 60 Day Money Back Guarantee with every item offered on this website. Please see the link above entitled Money Back Guarantee for full details.