The Secret Wand of Isis

The Most Accurate Divination and Life-Enhancing Magical Pendulum in History.

Individually crafted in Solid Sterling Silver.

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Guaranteed to be the most successful and highly accurate divination device in history or your money back. The world famous Circle of Raphael are proud to offer you the opportunity to test the power of this unique ancient Egyptian divination pendulum for yourself. This unique talisman is said to be one of the most highly prized and successful talismans designed and created by the famous medieval Mystic and Visionary Agrippa {Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim 1486 - 1535}

The Wand of Isis is regarded as the most successful and highly accurate divination device on offer anywhere in the world today. The Circle of Raphael are proud to offer you the opportunity to test the power of this unique Ancient Egyptian magical fortune-telling pendulum for yourself. Supplied fully programmed and ready to use, by our own highly experienced Master Adept.

Your FREE copy of the Circle of Raphael's pocket booklet of Wand of Isis Divination Secrets will show you in detail how absolutely simple it is to use your Wand of Isis to answer any question you wish, regarding the past, present or future and how to use it to request Cosmic guidance on any matter or subject you wish. The Wand of Isis is astoundingly accurate and easy to use. Simply hold it in your hand and think of any question you wish to ask and within minutes it will give you your answer.

Wear the Wand of Isis as a pendant and its pure harmonising ley line Earth energy will help energise your entire body, giving you a feeling of total well-being and heightened physical energy, helping to enhance and multiply your own natural psychic ability.

Ancient Egyptian manuscripts also refer to the Wand of Isis as being the Key of Life. This makes perfect sense as it is empowered and programmed using pure harmonising ley line and plant energy. Any person coming into contact with an item radiating a positive energy field in perfect harmony with the life-creating energy lines of our Mother Earth could expect to feel themselves uplifted and empowered and they would experience the Earth's renewing harmonising energy flowing through their whole body.

The most accurate and easy to use divination device in the world. The Wand of Isis' main function, apart from harmonising its owner's energy field, is to answer within minutes and with total accuracy any question its owner may wish to ask regarding either the past, present or future. The Wand of Isis is, without doubt, the most successful and accurate pendulum divination device on offer anywhere in the world.

Find the Answer to Any Question. Simply phrase any question in your mind in such a way that it needs a 'YES' or 'NO' response and there is not a question that you cannot find the answer for.

If Einstein is correct that past, present & future are one and the same and that time itself is only an illusion, then anyone with the right device should be able to tap into their future just as easily as they can their past. The Wand of Isis is just such a device and the Circle of Raphael now offer you the opportunity to experience real divination for yourself.

The Wand of Isis is a powerful ancient combination of the most effective life enhancing device and the most successful and highly accurate divination pendulum in the world, combined in one unique wearable ancient pendant.

The Wand of Isis Has Many Other Associated Benefits Egyptian manuscripts declare that the Wand of Isis is the Key of Life and that anyone wearing or carrying it on their person would have their whole body energized and renewed and they would walk with the immortals.

Circle of Raphael members who have tested its power over a twelve month period, have reported that without exception when wearing or carrying it on their person, they all felt far more energetic, and experienced a feeling of total well-being and inner peace.

The claim of the ancient manuscripts that wearing of the Wand of Isis would greatly extend one's life by energising the life-force and the cell renewing properties within one's body is something that will take many more years to substantiate.

However, if simply wearing or carrying the Wand of Isis can have such a positive effect on our members' energy levels, then maybe there is also truth in the life extending claim.

Individual results may vary. All Circle of Raphael talismans are traditionally crafted and empowered by our own Master Adept. Engraved into the silver metal of each talisman is a unique holy Angelic prayer requesting that the Angels named on the talisman will bless and befriend the talisman's owner. Our master Adept is extremely knowledgeable in the ancient art of creating holy talismans to request Angelic blessings and gifts. However, he has no control over the amount of blessings that the Angels named on the talisman may choose to bestow on individual owners of a particular talisman. Results may vary. Some customers tell us they believe they received exactly the blessings associated with their talisman. Others say the blessings were less than they expected, while others say they received greater blessings than expected. It is for this every reason that we offer a Cast-iron 60 Day Money Back Guarantee with every item offered on this website. Please see the link above entitled Money Back Guarantee for full details.