The Qabalah Money Talisman

Individually crafted in Solid Sterling Silver.

Only $53.95

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This powerful Money and Financial prosperity attraction talisman was originally developed by ancient Mystic holy men known to history as the Magi with the intention that its possession would swiftly banish all real monetary & financial worries from the life of its owner.

This money magnet is designed to swiftly banish all financial worries by calling on the Angel Raphael to help create opportunities for its owner to enjoy true Financial Security.

According to numerous testimonials, this powerful Angelic talisman has certainly proved that it can help to change its owner's financial situation for the better in the shortest possible time. Ownership of this unique money magnet is known to enhance its owner's financial status. The celestial blessing embedded into the talisman calls on the Angel Raphael to offer direct help and the Angelic guidance necessary to enable its owner to enjoy a lifetime of true prosperity and real financial security. This is, without doubt, the most powerful and successful money attraction talisman of all time. It is acknowledged that the longer its owner possesses it, the stronger and more effective and successful it becomes and the greater the monetary and financial rewards and opportunities it helps to create for its owner - Guaranteed.

The Outer Circle of this money talisman contains the Eternal Holy name of the Supreme-Being as communicated to Moses on Mount Horeb. The Centre of the talisman contains the celestial symbols of the Sun traditionally associated with the creation of wealth and financial prosperity. In the name of the Supreme Being the Angel Raphael is requested to offer direct assistance and divine guidance to help create opportunities for true prosperity and financial security in the life of the talisman's owner. The Angel Raphael has never failed to respond positively to this holy request. As well as helping to attract financial benefits, this particular talisman is also designed to promote and enhance the good health and well-being of its owner.

All our talismans are despatched ready to use and fully empowered. There is nothing whatsoever for customers to do apart from enjoy the many Angelic gifts and blessings associated with each talisman. Simply by coming into contact with any of our holy Angelic talismans instantaneously helps to create and attract Angelic benefits and blessings in the life of its owner.

Individual results may vary. All Circle of Raphael talismans are traditionally crafted and empowered by our own Master Adept. Engraved into the silver metal of each talisman is a unique holy Angelic prayer requesting that the Angels named on the talisman will bless and befriend the talisman's owner. Our master Adept is extremely knowledgeable in the ancient art of creating holy talismans to request Angelic blessings and gifts. However, he has no control over the amount of blessings that the Angels named on the talisman may choose to bestow on individual owners of a particular talisman. Results may vary. Some customers tell us they believe they received exactly the blessings associated with their talisman. Others say the blessings were less than they expected, while others say they received greater blessings than expected. It is for this every reason that we offer a Cast-iron 60 Day Money Back Guarantee with every item offered on this website. Please see the link above entitled Money Back Guarantee for full details.