The Qabalah Jupiter House Talisman

A Unique Angelic Home Protector

Traditionally hand crafted in Solid Copper.

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The size of this talisman is 40 mm wide. Approx 1 1/2 Inches.

The origins of this potent ancient house protector can be traced back to the Holy Land {Palestine} in the early 1st millennium B.C. - this period in history is today referred to by Mystics as the Time of Miracles. With the rise of the Roman Empire, the talisman's fame spread throughout the known world.

The Romans came to refer to this sacred item as the great protector and bringer of abundance. It was said that anyone lucky enough to live in a home blessed by a Jupiter House talisman could not fail to prosper in life, for they had the personal guarantee from the Seven Angels themselves that anyone residing in a home protected by their special House talisman would achieve all their dreams and ambitions with ease. They were also assured of divine Angelic protection from Thieves, Fire, Aggression and Hostility.

The Jupiter House talisman is now regarded as the most Protective Angelic House Talisman of all time.

As well as having the power to attract the benign influence of Jupiter, the planet of Good Fortune and Earthly Pleasure, this special house protector is also imbued on side A with the highly protective celestial energy of the 6 ancient planets {Mars was not included due to its volatile nature} and on side B with the divine essence of the seven holy Angels. Placed above the inside main door of a home it is believed to bathe the entire home in an aura of celestial healing and highly protective planetary energy. The talisman's holy script calls on Angelic forces named on the talisman to immediately bless the whole home and all those within, with good fortune, good health and the Angelic blessings of peace, harmony and divine protection. Once placed above the main door, the whole home and all those within are assured of divine protection from Thieves, Vandals and Fire.

Legend has it that when Rome was captured and pillaged in 410 AD, homes protected by a Jupiter House talisman were not vandalised. It is claimed that any Barbarian who entered a home protected by this powerful talisman instantly became extremely nauseous and were compelled by the talisman's seven divine Angelic sentinels to leave at once. After this miracle, citizens of the Empire came to place such enormous faith in the protective power of the Qabalah Jupiter House talisman that they regarded any person who did not have the wisdom to invest in one as either mad, foolhardy or both. Home insurance can only go so far and it only works after the event, but what about divine cosmic insurance with the power to repel and block all negative and disruptive energies? The Jupiter House talisman is highly recommended by the Master Adept of the Circle of Raphael as a must have item for every home. The protective power of this potent house talisman will, in fact, grow stronger and become more beneficial over time. If you decide to move home, you can take your talisman and its protective good fortune with you.

Side A contains the highly potent magical seals of the six ancient planets, plus the miraculous personal Cosmic signature of each of the Seven holy Angels. This is one of the most effective and exceptionally powerful planetary and beneficial Angelic combinations known. The Master Adept of the Circle of Raphael is the only person in the world today with the necessary knowledge, skill and personal commitment to create and empower this potent Celestial home protector. The talismans divine symbols help bathe the whole home in a aura of angelic peace and offer the gifts of Angelic protection, well-being and security to all those residing within.

Customer Feedback. Circle of Raphael members as well as a large number of our customers who have their own businesses have reported that they started experiencing unusually high volumes of trade shortly after placing the Jupiter House talisman above the main door of their businesses. This should not be thought of as unusual, as any item imbued with such awesome positive and protective power will, by nature, aim to protect its owner and their livelihood by creating positive influences that will in turn help to greatly improve their financial status. The Jupiter house talisman attracts a similar flow of Angelic benefits and blessings into your home as our talisman of the Seven Angels attracts into your personal life. How to use: place your Jupiter House talisman inside your home above or near the main door. With side A on show facing into your home.

Individual results may vary. All Circle of Raphael talismans are traditionally crafted and empowered by our own Master Adept. Engraved into the silver metal of each talisman is a unique holy Angelic prayer requesting that the Angels named on the talisman will bless and befriend the talisman's owner. Our master Adept is extremely knowledgeable in the ancient art of creating holy talismans to request Angelic blessings and gifts. However, he has no control over the amount of blessings that the Angels named on the talisman may choose to bestow on individual owners of a particular talisman. Results may vary. Some customers tell us they believe they received exactly the blessings associated with their talisman. Others say the blessings were less than they expected, while others say they received greater blessings than expected. It is for this every reason that we offer a Cast-iron 60 Day Money Back Guarantee with every item offered on this website. Please see the link above entitled Money Back Guarantee for full details.