First Seal of Agrippa Talisman

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First Seal of Agrippa Talisman
Second Seal of Agrippa Talisman
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Individually crafted in solid sterling silver
Only $53.95
Order today and you will receive a FREE solid sterling silver chain
valued at $22.00. The size of this talisman is 25 mm across.
  Approximately the same size as a US 25c cent coin
The Adept of the Circle of Raphael personally asserts that embedded into this unique talisman is Agrippa’s highly secret celestial divine formula of holy angels names and sacred angelic words of power. Traditionally this ancient talisman has been revered by members of esoteric orders including our own master Adept as it is said to hold the angelic power to create true success and help attract financial & material prosperity to its owners, no matter what their situation, ambitions or desires. This unique talisman was once available only to members of esoteric orders, its legendary owners included W. B. Yeats, Count Saint-Germain, Mme Blavatsky, Casanova and Michaelangelo.

Our master Adept highly recommends the First Seal of Agrippa talisman as a must for anyone wishing to prosper and leave their mark in life. It is his considered opinion that this talisman is, without doubt, a miraculous, highly beneficial and very necessary magical angelic tool. Its possession is believed to help guide its owner along life’s magical path by giving them access to a host of unique life changing opportunities. Ownership is said to be akin to surrounding oneself with a divine protective blanket. All its past owners are said to have tasted the good life and all have either left their mark on history or known the thrill of fame & worldly success or both. If you think that you could not handle the pressure of worldly success and prosperity or the opportunity to become celebrated and leave your mark on life, then please do not order this very special angelic talisman.

Traditionally, the First & Second sacred seals of Agrippa are carried in conjunction with one another. They can be used separately if so desired. How ever carried together they are known to treble the beneficial angelic power of each other as well as any other talismans or amulets you may own.

It should be noted that our holy talisman pendants like all true talismanic items have no power of their own as they are simply metal discs. Instead our Adept holds that they gain their talismanic ability directly from the sacred names of the angels which are embedded into the metal and from the mystical Qabalah angelic formulae of sacred words and divine mathematical symmetry embedded around the talismans outer circle. Our adept firmly holds that it is the actual physical experience of coming into contact with the holy names of angels and the mystical Qabalah angelic formulae embedded into the metal of the talismanic pendant that creates the angelic blessings and helps to attract into the life of the talismans owner all the angelic blessings & benefits associated with this extremely powerful talisman.

Important:-All our talismans are despatched fully empowered using ancient mystical Qabalah holy ceremonies. On receipt of their order there is nothing whatsoever for our valued customers to do apart from enjoy the many angelic gifts & blessings associated with each talisman.

This unique angelic talisman like every other item offered on this website comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee.

For more than twenty years we the Circle of Raphael have made our highly successful genuine talismans available for the advancement and benefit of our would-wide clientele. In that time we have received numerous testimonials vouching for and attesting to the abundant angelic benefits and blessing experienced by our customers shortly after they acquire done or more of our powerful angelic talismans. To view a selection of our genuine testimonials please go to the Home Page and click on the link - Thousands of Satisfied Customers & Testimonials.

First Seal of Agrippa Talisman

First Seal of Agrippa Talisman

The Circle of Raphael - Guardians of the Light and Practitioners of the Ancient Wisdoms